Summer 2020

E-mobility Equipmake

EV motors: to build or buy-in?

OEMs are keen to regain the momentum around their respective electric vehicle programmes, as they work to normalise their production operations following the Covid-19 related shut downs. Model line ups are being further revised and powertrain technologies continue to be developed, and this raises questions regarding which parts to produce inhouse or buy-in from specialist, external suppliers.

What will determine OEMs producing their own EV motors?

During a recent interview for our AMS podcast series we asked Ian Foley, managing director of powertrain developer Equipmake, for his view on what might determine how much EV powertrain production OEMs bring inhouse. You can listen to his response in the podcast clip below.

In this episode extract, AMS editor Nick Holt talks to Ian Foley, managing director at electric vehicle powertrain developer and manufacturer, Equipmake

Listen to the full podcast here