January- March 2022

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Fast forward to vehicle electrification

Rising costs, ongoing supply chain issues and armed conflicts notwithstanding, OEMs and Tier suppliers are continuing to push forward with the development of their respective manufacturing operations to transition to electrified vehicles. In this edition we take a close look at the tools, technologies and strategies being deployed with the adoption of new processes and development of new platforms, starting with Volvo.

The Swedish OEM is investing more than $1 billion at its Torslanda plant including the introduction of a new aluminium foundry and the co-locating of a new battery production plant as part of a joint venture with Northvolt. Javier Varela, senior vice-president of engineering and operations, is the person tasked with leading Volvo Cars’ industrial transformation, and he spoke with AMS offering some insights into the Volvo’s ramp up in EV and battery output and meeting its ambitious sustainability targets.

Alongside this, we also interviewed Mikael Fermér, Volvo’s solution architect for vehicle platforms who explained more about the company’s significant shift in its approach to designing and producing vehicle architectures with the introduction of mega-casting to produce large, structural parts. Delving deeper into the growing application of this process we have some insights into the benefits and challenges around mega-casting from Professor Wolfram Volk, the department head for forming technology and casting at the Technical University of Munich.

Also, in this edition we highlight new vehicle producer, Ineos, as the company moves closer to serial production at its Hambach plant and look at how Magna is supporting the pickup truck segment in its move towards electrification.

The digital tools at the disposal of OEM’s and Tiers are becoming more sophisticated and adaptable to new tasks. We have two insightful features from Audi and Secondmind that highlight the developments in AI and machine learning, and how these tools are being applied to reduce complexity in engineering and development processes.

You can access more on these and other topics at the AMS website and also register to join us for the AMS Evolution Summit where a host of industry experts will share insights into the key topics shaping our industry.

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